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Our four-legged pals are more than just pets; they’re family. But how do you protect them when a single vet bill can put you into substantial debt? Whether your pet is in an accident or has a cancer diagnosis or genetic disorder, pet insurance can help you keep your cat or dog healthy for many years.

At Encore Insurance, we understand the joys and pains of a pet’s companionship. Our goal is to help our clients find the best pet insurance plans for their budgets. Contact us today to protect your pets and keep your best friends healthy well into their twilight years.

What Is a Pet Insurance Plan?

Pet insurance plans typically offer three levels of coverage, including:

  • Pet Wellness Plans. Pet wellness plans cover wellness vet visits, such as an annual checkup or routine exams that your veterinarian may perform during a wellness visit.
  • Accident-Only Pet Insurance. If a comprehensive plan is out of your budget, but you want to cover your pet for catastrophic injuries due to an accident, some providers offer accident-only coverage.
  • Comprehensive Pet Insurance Plans. Comprehensive pet insurance covers most standard veterinary costs, including wellness visits, cancer or other illnesses, and injuries.

For specific coverage options, you will need to compare pet insurance plans from different providers to determine which would be most beneficial for your pet’s needs and fit best within your budget.

What Will Pet Insurance Cover?

Coverage options depend on the provider, plan selection, and perhaps additional conditions like the breed or age of your pet. You can always request a quote from Encore Insurance as to what pet insurance will best fit your budget and your pet’s unique needs and coverage. 

Coverage varies by provider and plan. Comparing pet health insurance providers and plans can be confusing, especially considering that some offer multiple pet discounts.

Consult with an experienced pet insurance agent in our office at Encore Insurance for more information about your available pet insurance plan options in Michigan.

What Will a Pet Insurance Plan Not Cover?

No matter which pet insurance provider you choose, there are some things that no pet insurance company covers. Conditions and procedures not covered by pet insurance include:

  • Pre-existing conditions already noted on your pet’s veterinary medical history
  • Veterinary costs for breeding, including whelping or pregnancy
  • Cosmetic procedures such as cropping, docking, or declawing (unless medically necessary)
  • Non-veterinary costs, including grooming, diet and nutrition, or cremation after humane euthanasia
  • Orthodontic procedures beyond routine teeth cleaning (if you opt for a wellness plan that covers cleanings)
  • Behavioral training or treatment
  • Personal pet care items like shampoo or pet-safe toothpaste

Are There Age Restrictions to Enrollment for My Pet?

Some pet insurance providers restrict enrollment into certain plans depending on your pet’s age. Others may restrict coverage for specific conditions for your pets as they become more likely to develop those conditions as they age.

For example, Allstate won’t allow you to enroll pets over 14 years of age in their comprehensive coverage plan, instead recommending that you choose accident-only coverage for older pets.

Another example is Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, which doesn’t offer a wellness rewards plan, limits coverage for hip dysplasia with a 12-month waiting period after enrollment, and provides no coverage for hip dysplasia in pets over six years old.

Ask a pet insurance agent with Encore Insurance about age restrictions, waiting periods, and reduced coverage for older pets.

How Do I Shop for Pet Health Insurance?

No single pet insurance provider or plan is best for everyone. Consider the relevant factors for you and your pet, such as:

  • Needs for your pet at their age. Puppies and kittens require more veterinary care in their first year or two than adult pets need annually.
  • Senior pet care. As pets age, they develop arthritis, new allergies, dental disease, cataracts, and more costly conditions that require additional care.
  • Cost of a plan and what’s covered. Some providers offer comprehensive care as standard, with an optional wellness plan. Others offer more customization, but you have to pay for each part of the plan you add.
  • Waiting periods for specific care. Many providers require you to wait a certain period before making a claim. Some have short waiting periods, so you’ll have maximum coverage, while others have longer waiting periods to ensure that your pet doesn’t have a pre-existing condition.

A pet insurance agent with Encore Insurance can help you compare plans and explain the differences in cost and limitations of each plan so you can make the best decision for your pet.

What Pet Insurance Company Should I Choose?

You may find that some pet insurance plans are very similar. In that case, you may also find that your car or home insurance provider offers a plan you like, and you may be eligible for discounts as an existing customer.

If you prefer a plan with another pet insurance company, speak with your Encore Insurance pet insurance agent to ensure that you get the best coverage and price with that plan or to compare similar plans before enrolling.

After doing your research, you may wonder if it’s even worth it to get pet health insurance with how much it can cost. However, between the costs of regular veterinary care and potential costs for emergency care, having pet health insurance can mean the difference between several more years with your furry family member or having to make a difficult decision based on cost.

Average Costs of Pet Veterinary Care in Michigan

Any pet (routine care):

  • Annual routine check-up $50-250
  • Microchipping $20
  • Vaccinations (each) $15-30
  • Teeth cleaning $70-400
  • Spay/neuter $100-300
  • Flea and tick control $40-200 (annual)

Dog (average annual costs):

  • Cancer $4,000+
  • Chemotherapy $4,000
  • Diabetes $2,700+
  • Dental disease, gingivitis, periodontitis $519
  • Infection of the bladder or urinary tract $420+
  • Heart murmur $1,100+

Cat (average annual costs):

  • Cancer $3,200+
  • Chemotherapy $4,000
  • Diabetes $1,600+
  • Dental disease, gingivitis, periodontitis $768
  • Infection of the bladder or urinary tract $1,050+
  • Feline kidney disease $1,300+
  • Heart murmur $1,400+

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The health, safety, and well-being of your pet matter. As pet owners, we know the struggle of providing the best life for our pets, and we want to help you do the same for your pets. At Encore Insurance, we can help you compare pet insurance policies to find the best options for coverage and your budget.

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