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A recreational vehicle (RV) is a great purchase to make if you want to spend time on the road traveling with friends and family. Like your home and car, your RV needs insurance as protection against life’s uncertainty. 

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team offers the coverage you need at a price you can afford. We provide personalized services and tailored solutions to ensure that every client receives the coverage they need at rates they can afford.

What Is RV Insurance?

RV insurance is a form of protection, not unlike auto insurance. Your insurance policy will compensate you for your loss if your rig becomes damaged or destroyed during an unforeseen situation. Everyday situations that require RV insurance include: 

  •       Theft
  •       Vandalism
  •       Natural disasters
  •       Vehicular collisions
  •       Equipment damage
  •       Pest infestation 

Without insurance, you will have total financial liability to cover the damage and replace the rig or equipment. As one of the leading RV insurance agents in Michigan, Encore Insurance Group has coverage options for you to explore. Contact our team today to learn more about your options.

Do You Need RV Insurance?

Some drivers wonder if RV insurance is a must-have, like car insurance. Every state, including Michigan, requires RV drivers to hold the minimum liability coverage for all RVs on the road. The state also requires drivers to obtain Michigan no-fault insurance before registering the RV. 

Not only is it a legal requirement to invest in RV insurance. It’s also the best financial protection for drivers. Out-of-pocket expenses can be extensive for recreational vehicles, but adequate coverage will reduce it significantly.

Vehicles That RV Insurance Covers

Various recreational vehicles are on the market, so you may wonder if RV insurance covers them all. In most cases, your policy will cover these campers: 

  •       Fifth-wheel trailers
  •       Travel coaches
  •       Motorhomes
  •       Pop-up campers
  •       Truck campers 

If you have any questions about obtaining a policy for a specific type of camper, our knowledgeable team from Encore Insurance Group is here to help. Whenever you call, you can be confident that you’ll speak with a live representative. We’ll gladly help you determine which coverage and policy are best for your vehicle.

Qualities of the Best RV Insurance Companies

Michigan residents have access to insurance coverage from companies throughout the state. With so many options, it can be tricky to determine which insurer and policy are best for you. That’s why we do comparison shopping for you. 

When looking for an insurance provider for you, we consider these essential traits: 

  1. Customizable options
  2. Positive customer reviews and business ratings
  3. High financial strength ratings
  4. Quote comparisons
  5. Easy claims process
  6. Accessibility
  7. Industry experience

Encore Insurance Group is a locally owned independent insurance agency in partnership with many major insurance providers. After comparing policies, we’ll present you with affordable quotes for the coverage you need without unnecessary add-ons. 

RV owners looking for the best insurance for full-timers can also turn to our team for affordable coverage on various towable homes. If you live in your camper for over six months a year, we can cover you for liability, injuries, and other losses. We also offer the best RV insurance for part-timers who only take their rigs on the road occasionally. 

Turn to Encore Insurance for the Best RV Insurance in Michigan

When you’re ready to purchase a recreational vehicle and have a traveling adventure, be sure to call us for your insurance needs. Encore Insurance Group offers exceptional customer service, and personalized insurance solutions. Please call 248-466-0200 to request your free quote.