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Ready to sail? Get your yacht or boat insurance through Encore Insurance Group, your local Michigan agency. More choices; less hassle. 

Whether you own a small boat or a massive yacht, it deserves optimal protection as a valuable investment. Not only will the vessel generate many precious memories of quality time with loved ones on the water, but it’s also one of your assets. As such, boat insurance is a must. 

Encore Insurance can find you the best-priced boat insurance coverage in all of Michigan. Our local insurance experts will research, compare, and recommend a boat insurance policy that fits your specific needs. For a free quote, contact our team today.

Finding the Best Boat Insurance

Like land vehicles, a boat can experience complications and unfortunate situations when you least expect it. When problems arise, you want to address them as quickly and efficiently as possible to keep the vessel in excellent condition. 

Some incidents are of no fault of your own. Boat insurance protects you from total financial liability from an accident or weather-related situation. If you own the following watercraft, you’ll likely require boat insurance: 

  •       Vessels that exceed 25 mph
  •       Jet skis
  •       Yachts
  •       Large sailboats

We offer small boat insurance policies as well as coverage for a massive watercraft. Our local experts have over a decade of experience dealing with Michigan insurance and are well-versed in your coverage needs. We tailor our insurance solutions to every client. Through our partnerships with various insurance companies, we can provide flexible coverage options at affordable prices.

Types of Boat Insurance

Michigan’s wealth of rivers and lakes is why the state is home to many avid boaters. At Encore Insurance, we are a top insurance agency offering boat and yacht insurance. We have the resources and industry expertise to match clients with the optimal coverage for their watercraft. 

Boat insurance coverage falls into two categories: those offering actual cash value and agreed value amount. 

Actual Cash Value

Having cash value insurance coverage means that the insurance company will compensate you for the boat’s value (or equipment that sustains detrimental damage during the incident). With this coverage, the insurance company would determine the boat’s or equipment’s worth at the time of the damage and pay you based on the market value, which includes depreciation from your original purchase price.

Agreed Amount Value

Under agreed amount coverage, you and your insurance carrier will decide on the watercraft’s value during policy negotiations. Usually, policyholders pay higher upfront costs with this insurance. However, the policy will cover its replacement at the agreed-upon value without including depreciation.

Coverage Options for the Best Boat Insurance Policies

At Encore Insurance, we can offer you coverage suitable for nearly any situation, including the following: 

  •     Vessel Damage: For damages stemming from inclement weather, vandalism, collision, and theft
  •     Property and Passenger Liability: For damages your boat causes another person’s property, including damages by someone else driving your watercraft with permission
  •     Personal Injuries: For medical expenses when someone sustains an injury on your boat
  •     Equipment Loss: For damaged permanent features of the boat, such as the motor
  •     Towing and Roadside Assistance: For damage occurring when towing the boat in and out of the water

Selecting the Best Boat Insurance Policy

Finding the right boat insurance provider can be tough. At Encore Insurance, we take the guesswork out of boat coverage. First, you should know that we only work with reputable insurance providers. We’ll conduct thorough research and provide quote comparisons to ensure that you don’t overpay for the coverage you need—or pay for itemized coverage you don’t need.

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