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Part of the fun and freedom of driving a bike, trike, or scooter is expressing your personality through accessories. You don’t just put on a jacket, boots, gloves, sunglasses, and helmet when you’re ready to ride. You might throw some gear in your saddle bags, plot out a winding route on your GPS, and crank up the music through your four-speaker fairings. 

Now, imagine getting into a crash, and seeing your beauty’s custom paint job mangled, along with all the time and extras you put into it. It’s a nightmare. But it’s even worse if you’re uninsured. 

At Encore Insurance, we protect Michigan motorcyclists and their property with accessory coverage for motorcycles. Read on to find out how.

Why Have Motorcycle Insurance Accessory Coverage?

As a Michigan motorcyclist, you must carry at least $10,000 in property damage liability coverage, although you can purchase additional coverage such as:

  •       comprehensive
  •       collision
  •       motorcycle accessory coverage 

Comprehensive and collision handle expenses if someone vandalizes, steals, or damages your bike—or if a storm knocks a tree through the roof of your garage. 

Yet this standard coverage can trip up many drivers. While an insurance company in general pays to repair or replace damaged parts on vehicles, including motorcycles, these parts are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, not aftermarket or custom items. 

Although you might feel like you and your bike are one unit when you’re cruising along the roadway, insurance companies consider your motorcycle separate from its accessories. Stock items are covered under a general policy, but accessories often are not. 

When you opt for additional accessory coverage motorcycle insurance, you won’t have to be startled by receiving a $500 check to replace gear that cost you thousands of dollars. Motorcycle insurance accessory coverage pays to repair or replace all those upgrades and personalized touches on your bike, such as: 

  •     Custom chrome
  •     Custom paint
  •     Saddle bags
  •     Seats
  •     Windshields
  •     Mirrors
  •     Light bars and specialized headlights
  •     Crash bars
  •     Calipers
  •     Forks
  •     Fairings
  •     Sissy bars
  •     Luggage racks
  •     Tachometer
  •     Speedometer
  •     Muffler
  •     Kickstand
  •     Highway pegs
  •     Safety guards
  •     Tires
  •     Rims
  •     Cruise control
  •     Lock and security systems
  •     Electronics (antennas, video equipment, a permanently mounted GPS, radio, or Bluetooth sound system)
  •     Backrest
  •     Passenger armrests

 Because the apparel and personal accessories you wear on your bike are all part of the motorcycle experience, accessory coverage for motorcycles even covers items such as: 

  •     Helmets
  •     Chaps
  •     Eyewear
  •     Leathers
  •     Protective shirts
  •     Knee and shin guards
  •     Riding suits
  •     Rain suits
  •     Jerseys
  •     Boots
  •     Jackets
  •     Gloves

How Does Accessory Coverage For Motorcycles Work?

You choose the amount of motorcycle insurance accessory coverage needed to restore your bike and your gear beyond OEM parts. Bear in mind: The value of motorcycle accessories naturally depreciates over time, just like with an automobile. 

Without sufficient motorcycle accessory coverage, you’ll lose the cost of that air-adjustable or deep-bucket seat that you added for comfort, along with those motorcycle handlebar vibration dampers. You won’t be reimbursed for each upgrade or customization that you researched and selected to make your bike your own. 

Depending on your policy, a deductible may apply, but many motorcyclists find that accessory coverage motorcycle insurance is worth the added peace of mind. Expensive and accessories often aren’t covered any other way.

Let Encore Insurance Help You Select the Accessory Coverage For Motorcycles That You Need

Encore Insurance can show you how your current motorcycle coverage compares with our competitive yet affordable rates, including motorcycle insurance accessory coverage. As an independently owned and operated insurance carrier, we pride ourselves on providing Michigan motorcyclists with personalized, superior service that the big insurance companies often can’t. 

Plus, if you modify your bike in the future, we’ll gladly work with you to adjust your policy. Learn more about how Encore Insurance can help you save and keep you safe by contacting us online or calling us today at (248) 466-0200.