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If you are a Michigander looking to purchase a home insurance plan and gain some peace of mind, contact us at Encore Insurance Group in Michigan. Our local insurance agents have over a decade’s worth of experience working with Michigan insurance law.

Are you concerned about dangerous storms flinging tree branches onto your roof, rapidly spreading brush fires that sweep too close to your front porch, and potentially extensive water damage from flooded streets ruining your wooden floor?

With a comprehensive home insurance plan, you will not have to worry about natural disasters or liability risks draining your bank account and depriving you of your assets.

Whether you are interested in dwelling coverage or all-inclusive home insurance, our insurance agents at Encore Insurance Group can counsel you on the best insurance plan for your property.

What Is Dwelling Insurance?

Dwelling insurance (or dwelling coverage) is a less comprehensive insurance policy than full home insurance. It mainly covers the structure of your house from certain perils.

You can also protect a separate secondary structure when you pay for dwelling insurance. Secondary structures include an unattached garage, she-shed, fence, or a deck and patio area.

However, be forewarned that dwelling insurance does not include coverage for liability risks. If you invite a maintenance specialist over to work on your deck and they slip and fall, you might be liable for their medical bills.

What Is Home Insurance? Does Dwelling Coverage Come Included?

Home insurance generally provides coverage for:

  •   Your home’s structure
  •   Your contents and personal belongings
  •   Your land
  • Liability risks, such as entertaining guests in your home
  •   Installed fixtures, including countertops and kitchen cabinets
  •   Some appliances, like a water heater or a stove

While some coverage areas overlap with dwelling insurance, home insurance coverage is unique because it protects your land and belongings and covers liability risks. For most home insurance policies, dwelling coverage comes included.

It makes sense to take advantage of home insurance’s total coverage versus only paying to safeguard the structure, fixtures, and appliances if you live in the home full-time.

However, home insurance might also be the best option for your rental properties if you are concerned about the possibility of theft.

Since dwelling coverage does not protect the belongings in your vacation property, a thief could break in while you are away and seize your possessions. You would then be financially responsible for replacing those items. Investing in home insurance can save you money, in the long run, should disaster strike.

Where Can I Find Comprehensive Dwelling and Home Insurance in Michigan?

While the benefits of purchasing home insurance outweigh what you can receive with only dwelling coverage, you might have reservations about selecting home insurance due to the upfront cost. After all, your home insurance rates can vary due to:

  •   Your location
  •   Which building materials make up your home
  •   The age of your home
  •   If you run a home-based business
  •   If you have a swimming pool

At Encore Insurance Group, we want to help you sign up for an excellent coverage policy that is still cost-effective for you, which is why we compare different insurance policies to find you the best price.

Whether you choose homeowners insurance, dwelling coverage, or you need another type of insurance; our insurance agents are here to assist you. Encore Insurance Group provides help with choosing policies and filing claims for:

  •   Car Insurance
  •   Home Insurance
  •   RV Insurance
  •   ATV Insurance
  •   Boat Insurance
  •   Life Insurance

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