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Michigan Home Insurance for Fire Damage

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A fire can destroy your home, your possessions, and so much that is dear to your memory. Even if firefighters put out the flames quickly, your Michigan property may sustain damage from smoke, soot, and water.

In addition to taking fire prevention measures, you should make preparations for this possible crisis by purchasing home insurance that has healthy fire damage coverage and benefits.

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Basic Fire Damage Insurance in Michigan

Most All-Risk (HO-3) homeowners insurance policies cover fire damage in our state. As opposed to Broad Rick (HO-2) policies, your dwelling will have coverage against all risks or perils except those the policy specifically excludes. (Be sure to know what your policy excludes. If that raises concerns, you may need to negotiate a new policy.)

Basic property owner’s insurance may cover all structures on your property (garage, shed, fences). However, it may not cover certain vehicles, like boats, RVs, or ATVs. You’ll need to purchase a special rider to add to your policy to provide coverage for these items.

Many homeowners’ insurance policies also include coverage of your personal belongings. In general, you name the value of your possessions. You’ll often need to pay a higher premium to get protection for high-value items, like expensive paintings or jewelry. We will also ask you to choose between Replacement Cost policies and those offering Actual Cash Value (the replacement cost minus depreciation) benefits.

For structures, you can select a policy that pays Repair Cost, which is the cost to replace, repair or rebuild damaged dwellings to a similar condition. However, you may not collect enough to restore your property to its original condition with this option.

Be sure you discuss coverage options and loss settlement provisions thoroughly with our Encore Insurance agent. Many Michigan property owners decide to purchase additional fire damage insurance.

Work with a Fire Damage Insurance Agent

All fire insurance policies in Michigan have certain limitations, so be sure to review these limits with your fire damage insurance agent. For example, insurance companies generally do not provide compensation for fires started by any member of the homeowner’s household, although other acts of arson may receive coverage.

Additionally, most homeowners’ insurance policies do not provide fire damage coverage for vacant homes. You can purchase vacant home insurance if you want to secure protection for a building you do not inhabit.

Contact Us About Fire Damage Insurance

Your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover fire damage events here in Michigan. If you have concerns about your existing coverage, please reach out to speak with a team member at Encore Insurance Group to discuss your current policy and any additional coverage you may want to add. You may use our online contact form or call us at (248) 466-0200.