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Best Homeowners Insurance in Michigan 2021

Encore Insurance Group makes the process hassle-free.  We have access to more insurance carriers so we can make finding the right policy, at the right price hassle-free. Contact us today to compare quotes.

Finding the right homeowners insurance is essential for protecting your home and belongings from unfortunate circumstances like a fire or burglary. The search for the most appropriate coverage at reasonable prices usually takes a lot of time and research.

What to Look for When Seeking the Best Homeowners Insurance

As you search for a homeowners insurance policy in Michigan, it helps to find a broker like our agents at Encore Insurance Group. With the numerous big-name and independent insurance companies out there, it can be challenging to find the policy that suits your needs best.

At Encore Insurance, we simplify the process by comparing policies, provisions, deductibles, and prices to find the best coverage to fit your needs. We consider these factors before selecting a homeowners insurance provider to recommend to you.

1. Reasonable Financial Strength Ratings

An insurance company’s financial strength rating is how you can estimate its ability to fulfill its financial obligations, like paying claims. The system doesn’t measure client satisfaction, but it indicates the insurer’s financial trustworthiness.

The industry’s top financial analyst is AM Best Co. Its ratings range from A+ to D-. If a prospective insurance company has at least a B rating from this analyst, it has good financial strength.

2. Claims Process

The purpose of having a homeowners policy is to ensure the financial protection of your possessions. Unfortunately, some companies have claims processes that are difficult to navigate, potentially causing issues for the policyholder relying on getting quick financial compensation.

Whenever you buy homeowners insurance, always inquire about the claims process, such as how long it would take for the company to make a payment and what you’d need to do to file a claim.

3. Reliability

Any policy you hold should come from a reliable insurance provider. Established insurance providers with years of industry experience are more likely to have the policy solutions you need and the ability to pay claims. They also have documented satisfied customer reviews and high business ratings.

4. Coverage

No two households are precisely the same, so it’s best to work with insurance providers that offer flexibility. Home insurance coverage comes in several forms, including policies for high-risk homes, condominiums, and mobile homes. With the right provider, you can add to your policy beyond the standard coverage according to your home’s needs, such as:

  •       Identity theft
  •       Flood insurance
  •       Water backup

Your insurance agency, such as our team at Encore Insurance Group, can also find you separate policies from different providers as necessary.

Why Encore Insurance Stands Out Among the Rest

Encore Insurance is a leading independent insurance agency proudly serving clients throughout Michigan. With more than 10 years of industry experience and long-time satisfied customers, our team understands the importance of having affordable insurance to cover your possessions.

With Encore Insurance, we will compare quotes from various agencies. Thanks to our partnerships with some of the biggest insurance providers in the industry, we can offer customized policies at various price points to ensure that you have the coverage you need at the rates you deserve.

At Encore Insurance Group, we offer you:

  •       Personalized customer service with live representatives
  •       No long wait times
  •       Multiple coverage options tailored to your specific needs
  •       Affordable homeowner coverage solutions
  •       Alignment with Michigan insurance laws

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