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Michigan, the Great Lakes State, is home to the longest freshwater shoreline in the U.S.—and some of the most impressive bodies of water for boating. If you want to enjoy boating with peace of mind in Michigan, you need boat insurance.

Comprehensive boat insurance generally ensures that you don’t have to bear the whole financial burden of repairing or replacing your boat if it gets damaged or stolen. Personal and commercial boat insurance is available from big names in the insurance industry. However, these are not necessarily your best options.

For boat insurance that offers the coverage you need at a price you can afford, talk to our Encore Insurance team. We have over ten years of experience helping commercial and private boat owners get excellent coverage in Michigan. Give us a call today to discuss your needs, and we will help you find boat insurance tailored to satisfy those needs.

How Is Boat Insurance Different in Michigan?

Every state has unique laws that guide boat insurance. For example, Michigan residents must register motorized boats and watercraft, but boat insurance is not mandatory. Even though boat insurance is not a legal requirement, it is a smart investment because it can save you from losing your pricey boat to damage or theft.

Other unique features of Michigan boat insurance are:

  • Most Michigan boat insurers require indoor storage for watercraft during winter.
  • Some policies exclude navigation within the Great Lakes and cover only navigation within inland lakes and rivers.
  • Since Michigan shares a border with Canada, some insurers offer coverage in Canadian waters.
  • Some Michigan insurers will not cover boats that are over two decades old.
  •  Sailboat insurance may feature a separate deductible for the mast, especially carbon fiber masts.
  • Having an auxiliary motor can get you an insurance discount.
  • Bass boats need customized coverage to cover the cost of pricey fishing, chartering, and navigation equipment.

Do you want to avoid buying boat insurance that limits your boating experience? At Encore Insurance, we have experts who can help you shop around for private or charter boat insurance that matches your lifestyle or goals. Contact us today to get started.

What Will Comprehensive Boat Insurance Cover?

When buying boat rental insurance or any other type of watercraft coverage, you are better off opting for a policy that offers:

  • All-Risk Coverage: It covers most of the physical damage that can occur to a boat, such as fire, glass damage, striking a submerged object, or storm damage.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage: If irreparable damage occurs within the first few years of buying your boat, this policy will cover the cost of replacing the boat.

What about liability protection? At Encore Insurance Group, we can connect you with an insurer that offers liability coverage for:

  • Towing and Roadside Assistance: If an accident involving your boat occurs while towing the watercraft on the road, auto insurance won’t cover the damages. Get a policy that can cover your boat during towing on land or water.
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage: If your boat injures someone else or damages another person’s property, this coverage can pay for their medical bills and property restoration. It will also cover your legal costs if the injured party sues.

How to Get the Best Boat Insurance

Finding the best boat insurance requires analyzing and comparing products from various insurers. It is hard work, and inadequate information usually leads to most people choosing popular products. However, the big names don’t always offer the best deals and services.

At Encore Insurance, we’ve scoured the entire insurance industry and identified the top boat insurers serving Michigan. All you need to do is tell us your budget and preferred level of coverage, and we will show you the options with the best value.

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