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Vehicle Glass Repairs

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Our team at Encore Insurance Group can help you set up a policy to handle vehicle glass repairs here in Michigan. We take the stress out of selecting the policy you want. With one of our policies, if you discover a chip or crack in your glass, we make it easy to assist you in filing a claim. 

Car Insurance Coverage and Vehicle Glass Repairs in Michigan

Your car insurance coverage may cover the costs to repair vehicle glass, including a broken:

  •       Windshield
  •       Rear glass
  •       Side glass

However, you should know that the standard form of insurance Michigan requires drivers to carry does not cover these repairs. Liability coverage, instead, covers vehicle repairs associated with the damage from a car accident or collision.

You may secure coverage for vehicle glass repairs by signing up for a comprehensive insurance policy from our team at Encore Insurance.

Michigan Car Insurance Coverage Requirements

As we mentioned, you do not have to carry comprehensive coverage for your vehicle. Michigan excludes comprehensive policies from its car insurance coverage requirements. However, to legally operate a vehicle in our state, you must carry:

  •       Liability coverage
  •       Property protection insurance
  •       Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance

Liability coverage often includes:

Bodily Injury Liability pays some expenses to another person who is injured or killed in an accident that is your fault. Michigan law requires you to carry a minimum $50,000 limit per person and a $100,000 limit per accident.

Property Damage Liability covers expenses when another person’s property receives damages in an accident in which you are at fault.

As a no-fault insurance state, meaning that you can file a claim with your own insurance company to seek compensation for your medical expenses after an accident instead of trying to get damages from the other driver.

Go Beyond Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

If you choose to carry only the minimum required policies in Michigan, an accident may leave you without full coverage. For example, your liability coverage policy may not cover damage to your auto glass caused by:

  •       Rocks that other vehicles throw at your car
  •       Rapid temperature changes
  •       A collision with an animal
  •       Theft or vandalism

A comprehensive auto insurance policy will provide you with compensation for vehicle repairs in these situations, which can help you avoid stress and financial strain.

Your Deductible and Vehicle Glass Repairs

Some states offer free glass repairs and replacement if you carry auto insurance. Michigan does not operate in this manner. Instead, you pay a deductible towards the costs of auto glass repairs, and your insurance company covers the rest of the expenses.

We can help you set your deductible. In some cases, you can get a lower deductible if you pay a higher monthly rate for auto insurance. You may end up paying nothing towards the auto glass repairs if you have already met your deductible for the year.

Set Up Glass Repair Insurance in Michigan

Work with our team at Encore Insurance Group to draw up an insurance policy for your Michigan vehicle. You can find out more about your car insurance options by calling us at (248) 466-0200 or contacting us online