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Michigan Home Insurance for Water Damage

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Water damage can result in high costs for property repairs in Michigan, especially if the damp environment allows for a mold infestation. Our team at Encore Insurance Group can help you get peace of mind before an accident with home insurance for water damage.

Consider a Water Damage Home Insurance Quote for Michigan Property

You can get a home insurance quote when you decide to purchase a policy to protect your home. This quote helps you plan for the amount of your insurance policy. The cost may depend upon the age of your home and any pre-existing hazards on your property.

Your home insurance policy may cover many possible forms of property damage, including some types of destruction by water. Most homeowners insurance policies provide you with compensation if your home sustains damage from:

  •       Accidental water damage
  •       Excess weight on the roof from snow or ice
  •       Freezing pipes in the winter

However, your basic homeowners insurance policy may not cover all types of water damage in Michigan.

Water Damage and a Home Insurance Quote in Michigan

Before you ask for a home insurance quote in Michigan, you may want to consider types of water damage excluded from these policies. Most insurance policies specifically do not cover damage associated with:

  •       Floods
  •       Sewage backups
  •       Damage caused by improper maintenance

For example, a home insurance policy may cover damage to your home if a kitchen pipe bursts without warning. However, the company can deny your claim if you knew you had a leaking pipe and neglected to fix the issue promptly.

You may purchase a flood insurance policy, in some cases, to give you more peace of mind about the safety of your home. We can discuss all your insurance options when you reach out to us.

Get a Home Insurance Quote Comparison in Michigan

We provide insurance from a range of companies. Different companies offer a variety of rates to cover damage to your property. We will review the forms of water damage that different insurance companies cover and provide you with a home insurance quote comparison, along with our recommendation.

Get Help with Home Insurance for Water Damage

Our team at Encore Insurance Group can help you set up a home insurance policy to protect you in the event of a water damage disaster. We can also provide you with flood coverage benefits. Let’s discuss the types of insurance you need when you call us at (248) 466-0200 or fill out our online contact form.