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Motorcyclists know that operating a motorcycle can come with some inherent dangers. We do everything we can to ride as safely as possible, but risks specific to motorcycling do remain. At Encore Insurance Group, we work closely with our fellow Michigan residents to create affordable motorcycle insurance policies that provide the coverage they want.

What Is the Best Motorcycle Insurance for Me?

Whether you like to ride along the coastlines of the Great Lakes or cruise the streets of Detroit, all motorcyclists need insurance. Read on to discover some of the different types of motorcycle insurance we offer.

Liability Insurance

At a bare minimum, all motorcycle riders must carry liability coverage under Michigan law. Liability insurance protects you against the high costs associated with injuring another person or causing property damage during an accident. It may cover medical bills, attorney fees, and more.

First-Party Medical Benefits Insurance

According to Michigan law, all motorcyclists who have attained the age of 21 and wish to ride without a helmet must have first-party medical benefits insurance. Other than this specific rule, motorcycle riders do not need to have medical insurance.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance covers your motorcycle should it sustain damage during a wreck. You do not have to purchase collision insurance, but we recommend it for exotic, expensive motorcycles. Sometimes you must purchase basic forms of motorcycle insurance before we can issue collision coverage.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Nobody wants to hear that the other driver involved in the traffic accident lacks insurance, especially since injuries and damage to the motorcycle can prove substantial. Protect yourself against unscrupulous drivers with uninsured motorist insurance.

Does Your Motorcycle Insurance Agency Offer Discounts?

At Encore Insurance Group, we like to reward our clients with discounts on their premiums. You can find some of the most common discounts we offer, below.

Multiple Policy Discount

Customers can save money on their motorcycle insurance policy if they already maintain home, car, or life insurance policies with the same insurance company.

Theft-Recovery Discount

Enjoy a discount on your insurance premiums when you install a GPS-enable theft-recovery device.

Full Payment

In some cases, we can offer a discount on motorcycle insurance if you pay off your entire policy in advance. Ask one of our agents if the full payment discount applies in your case.

Anti-Lock Brakes

If your motorcycle comes from the factory with anti-lock brakes, you may qualify for a discount on your motorcycle insurance.

Professional Associations

If you maintain a membership with certain professional organizations, such as the American Bar Association or National Medical Association, we can offer discounts on your motorcycle policy.

Riding Associations

If you belong to a riding association, like the Harley Owners Group, you may qualify for a discount on your motorcycle insurance.

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

The cost of motorcycle insurance depends on several different factors. You can speak with one of our friendly insurance agents at Encore Insurance to receive a quote for your motorcycle. In the meantime, you can lower the eventual cost of your insurance policy by paying attention to the following factors: 

  • Your driving record
  • Make and model of your motorcycle
  • Age and mileage
  • Motorcycle value
  • Modifications made
  • Engine capacity
  • Gaps in coverage
  • Your budget

What Is the Penalty in Michigan for Riding Without Insurance Coverage?

According to state law, riding your motorcycle without insurance is a misdemeanor that carries a fine of up to $500, up to twelve months in jail, or both. 

Also, motorcycle riders who experience an accident while riding without insurance forfeit any no-fault insurance benefits that the rider would otherwise receive from the at-fault party’s policy. However, despite riding without insurance, you can still file a lawsuit against the other motorist involved in the accident.

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