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With sandy beaches, the distant sound of boaters —and even the wet towels your kids leave on the couch when they come in from boogie boarding—a vacation home is a blessing to own.

Your modest kitchenette full of tropical paraphernalia is more than another room on your property; it is the setting for your memories.

Unfortunately, without warning, your beach vacation home could succumb to damage or destruction in an instant. Intense thunderstorms, accidental house fires, and even a guest getting injured on your property are all solid reasons for investing in vacation home insurance.

Encore Insurance Group, we have more than a decade’s worth of experience offering tailored coverage plans to fit your unique situation.

While we hope that you will never need our vacation home repair and replacement services, we are always here to lend a helping hand in choosing the best coverage should an incident occur. To contact us at Encore Insurance Group, visit our website today.

What Is Vacation Rental Home Insurance?

Some vacation homeowners will rent out their vacation homes when they are away on business. If you rent out your vacation home, you need to have high-quality vacation rental home insurance to keep your property safe.

While your tenants are responsible for renter’s insurance for their belongings, you are responsible for protecting your property. If you purchase homeowners insurance for vacation rental homes, you are providing coverage for your:

  •   Dwellings, such as decks or garages
  •   Outbuildings, such as sheds or other unattached structures
  •   Furnishings
  •   Any liability risks, such as injured maintenance specialists or renters

Vacation Home Insurance Rates for Michigan Residents

If you are wondering about your vacation home insurance cost, the rates depend on your location, the insurance company you choose to work with, as well as what kind and how much coverage you desire. Encore Insurance Group allows you to compare insurance rates and find the most affordable coverage.

Since Encore Insurance Group partners with many different insurance companies, we can offer various policies and price points to fit your budget.

Our insurance agents are happy to help you analyze plans and discover a policy that suits your specific vacation home. For example, if your vacation home is a two-story cabin snuggled in the depths of a snowy wood, you might need comprehensive insurance coverage for heavy ice and snow damage.

No matter what coverage needs you might have or your budgetary restrictions, our expert insurance agents at Encore Insurance Group are ready to pair you with a policy that makes you feel safe and secure.

Where Can I Find the Best Vacation Home Insurance?

Suppose you are looking to purchase comprehensive homeowners insurance for vacation homes. In that case, at Encore Insurance Group in Michigan, we can help you choose the right policy and alleviate any stress during the claims process.

Not only does your financial well-being matter to us, but we care about your emotional well-being as well.

We understand that the destruction of your vacation home and the loss of your assets could be financially devastating if you do not have vacation home insurance. Still, even with vacation home insurance, the destruction of your sentimental value items would be devastating emotionally.

When you contact Encore Insurance Group, you will never have to wait hours to connect with an insurance agent, nor will you have to press numbers repeatedly on your phone until a live representative picks up to answer your query.

At Encore Insurance Group, we always provide a live representative to answer your calls and assist you with any questions or concerns.

If you want an affordable vacation home, boat, RV, car, ATV, or life insurance policy, call us at Encore Insurance Group at 248-466-0200 today.