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 Getting a motorhome can be a life-changing experience. It frees you up to travel all over Michigan in comfort and style. But just as with your home and vehicle, you’ll need proper insurance to protect your new investment. Whether you’re a first-time motorhome buyer or want to move away from your current insurance, Encore Insurance Group is here to help you find the best motorhome insurance for your needs.

Who Needs Motorhome Insurance in Michigan?

According to Michigan law, fully paid motorhomes only require liability insurance. However, if you’re still paying off your motorhome, you’ll likely need to have full coverage insurance until you pay it off fully.

 Liability insurance only covers damages or injuries to other individuals. For instance, if your motorhome breaks away and damages another car, your liability coverage will pay the costs. However, if your motorhome suffers damage from storms, fires, or even an accident, you’ll have to pay for repairs yourself if you only have liability insurance.

 If you have a towable motorhome, your auto insurance may in some cases extend to cover your liability insurance requirements. Be sure to check your policy. Self-propelled motorhomes will require their own separate coverage.

High-Value Motorhome Insurance Options in Michigan

While liability insurance is the bare minimum required, it’s a good idea to look at more comprehensive options. Buying a motorhome is a huge investment and one that’s worth protecting with comprehensive insurance options.

 In addition to liability insurance, consider the following:

  •     Collision coverage will pay to repair or replace your motorhome in the event of an accident.
  •     Comprehensive coverage will pay for any repairs or replacements, including those due to storms, winds, vandalism, or theft.
  •     Medical payments coverage will pay for any injuries that you or others sustain due to your motorhome, regardless of fault
  •     Uninsured motorist coverage will pay for your damages and injuries if the other motorist doesn’t have adequate insurance coverage.
  •     Personal effects coverage will protect any items and personal effects in the motorhome from fire, theft, and other forms of damage.

 It’s also important to consider how to calculate the value of your motorhome in the event of a total loss. The three main options are:

  •     Stated value is the current cash value of the motorhome, which is often the original cost less depreciation.
  •     Agreed value is an agreed-upon price that remains static regardless of current motorhome prices.
  •     Replacement cost is the amount it would cost the insurance company to replace your motorhome with a new motorhome that’s closest in value and functionality to your original.

Additions to Your Motorhome Insurance

It’s important to tailor your insurance plan to your motorhome usage. If you use it as a permanent home, you’ll need to get full-timers’ coverage, which acts more like homeowners insurance and offers better comprehensive protection for all your valuables. 

Other additions include:

  •     Vacation liability, which will protect the motorhome when you stop driving and park it as a temporary residence while on vacation
  •     Roadside assistance, a 24/7 service that will send out a team to help you deal with any motorhome accidents or breakdowns
  •     Pet coverage, which protects your pets in the event of an accident by paying for their vet bills
  •     Self-drive hire insurance for motorhomes: if you rent out your motorhome to other people, this is an essential component of your motorhome insurance. It will protect your motorhome while being driven by others or between hires.
  •     Motorhome extended warranty insurance: an extended warranty will cover any potential repairs and services in the warranty period but will not provide the coverage that a typical insurance policy will. 

Current Motorhome Insurance Rates in Michigan

It’s a good idea to look around for the best motorhome insurance that meets your needs. Motorhome rates are usually relatively affordable, and you may qualify for discounts or package deals that reduce your premium further.

Your motorhome insurance rates will depend on many factors, such as the value of your motorhome, its weight, whether it’s self-propelled or towed, its age, and the age of the driver.

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