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If you spend any time outdoors, you’ll probably have a trailer to help you move stuff around. Camping weekends and even day trips to the lake need surprising amounts of equipment, and having a trailer means you have more space in your car for family and friends.

 Most drivers don’t get any training about how to drive with a trailer. This lack of experience significantly affects how your vehicle reacts in emergencies. Combine that with hazardous conditions or busy roads, and you have the ideal recipe for accidents.

While your auto insurance may cover some trailer incidents, it often doesn’t fully cover all situations. Getting full travel trailer insurance coverage from Encore Insurance Group will give you peace of mind and protect you in the event of an accident.

Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage

Getting an expensive trailer is an investment, regardless of whether you’ve bought it for personal or commercial use. While some auto or business insurance policies may cover a portion of your trailer, they don’t offer full coverage.

Getting dedicated travel trailer insurance will help you recover as much of your trailer’s value as possible after an accident, which will ensure your peace of mind during your weekends away.

You can find two main types of travel trailer insurance coverage: personal and commercial travel trailer insurance. Personal trailers are those that you use for recreational activities and include:

  •       Horse trailers
  •       Camping trailers
  •       Watercraft trailers
  •       Utility trailers

Commercial trailers are any trailer that helps you carry out your work and can include:

  •       Flatbed trailers
  •       Horse trailers
  •       Heavy equipment trailers
  •       Auto-hauler trailers

Do I Need Trailer Insurance in Michigan?

Michigan state law does not require trailer insurance. You can drive your trailer throughout the state without having comprehensive travel trailer insurance. 

However, that doesn’t mean that trailer insurance is a bad idea. Comprehensive trailer insurance will protect you in most potential situations that may otherwise result in a massive financial burden. Travel trailer insurance includes:

  •     Liability coverage protects you in the event of an accident where another party suffers an injury or property damage. It will protect you if you need legal defense after an accident involving your trailer.
  •     Comprehensive coverage protects against damage due to storms, fire, and other non-collision damage to your trailer, even when not hooked up to your car.
  •     Contents coverage protects any items or possessions that get lost, damaged, or destroyed while in your trailer. Sometimes, the things in your trailer are more valuable than the trailer itself.
  •     Replacement cost: While many auto insurance policies will pay the actual cash value of your trailer, which is often much less than what a new trailer costs, dedicated travel trailer insurance coverage will pay the full replacement cost.
  •     Roadside assistance is a useful perk of travel trailer insurance. Roadside assistance will provide help in the event of trailer failures, such as flat tires or other equipment malfunctions.

The Costs of Insuring Your Travel Trailer in Michigan

If you shop around for the best travel trailer insurance rates, you’ll be surprised by how affordable trailer insurance is. The average cost is around $75 per year for a personal trailer, which provides all the insurance you need.

Many factors will affect how much you’ll pay for travel trailer insurance. These include:

  •       Type of trailer
  •       Personal or commercial use
  •       The initial trailer cost
  •       Make, model, and age of the trailer
  •       The driver most often towing the trailer
  •       How many people use the trailer
  •       Trailer dimensions and weight

What About Stationary Travel Trailer Insurance?

Some people use their trailer as stationary storage or as a residential living space.

In this case, you’ll need to adjust your travel trailer insurance coverage to include full-timer coverage. This insurance package provides extra liability insurance and will also cover the contents of the trailer.

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