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Michigan Home Insurance for Wind Damage

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You can seek home insurance for wind damage here in Michigan. In most cases, your homeowner’s insurance policy covers the damage that wind storms cause. However, you can purchase additional coverage from our team at Encore Insurance Group.

Wind Damage Coverage in Michigan

Insurance companies only provide benefits for a covered loss, so you need to carefully read the fine print to be sure what your basic homeowners policy does and does not cover. If you are concerned about what is not covered, speak to an Encore Insurance agent about adding to or expanding your coverage.

Most Michigan policies include windstorms as a named peril that the policy covers, meaning that you may get compensation for the damages from high winds here in Michigan.

Basic homeowners insurance may not cover a number of other hazards that come with storms, including accidental water damage. Study your policy to see if you need additional coverage for disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and hailstorms. Taking this step can help you improve your peace of mind about the safety of your home and possessions.

Wind Storms and Tornadoes Damage More Than Structures

According to the Michigan DIFS (Department of Insurance and Financial Services), the hazards of tornadoes are extensive. When thinking about insurance coverage, be sure to consider this agency’s list:

  •       Physical injuries due to debris (stepping on nails or broken glass, falling structures)
  •       Fire, electrocution, or explosion due to damaged power lines, gas lines, or electrical equipment
  •       Exposure to chemical spills or potentially contaminated floodwaters
  •       Mold growth from wet or damp conditions
  •       Ongoing mental and emotional stress (fear, anxiety), especially in children

Other Concerns About Wind Damage in Michigan

Wind storms can cause many types of damages that you may want to protect yourself from with insurance coverage. In addition to blowing off roof shingles, breaking windows, and causing trees or branches to damage your home, the secondary types of damage may include:

  •       Food spoilage
  •       Equipment breakdown and loss of use
  •       Landscape damage
  •       Water damage and flooding
  •       Fires from electrical shorts
  •       Damage to vehicles from hailstones

Check with your insurance agent at Encore Insurance Group to make sure you have coverage for all possible hazards and damages.

The Cost of Home Insurance in Michigan

The premium for your home insurance policy in Michigan may vary based on several factors. For example, the size and condition of your home may influence the overall rates you pay for insurance. Our agents must also consider the precise location of your property when offering you an insurance policy.

Generally, property owners pay a higher rate for windstorm insurance if they live in an area that sees a lot of tornadoes, hurricanes, or tropical storms.

Take Steps to Limit Wind Damage to Your Home

You can work proactively to prevent wind damage from hurting your home here in Michigan. The professionals recommend that you:

  •       Trim back branches and trees
  •       Install storm shutters
  •       Consider impact-resistant shingles

Make sure that you have a garage door designed to withstand strong winds to prevent damage to that area of your home. If you know a storm is approaching, you can prepare by tying down your lawn furniture.

Speak to Our Insurance Brokers in Michigan About Protecting Your Home and Family

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