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How Does Car Insurance Benefit You?

January 25, 2023 Auto Insurance

Auto insurance in Saginaw, Michigan, might seem like an unnecessary expense – paying for it every year but not getting anything back for the money you paid. Ironically, it’s considered a good thing because it means you have been driving safely for the past 12 months.   

However, this does not guarantee you won’t be experiencing road problems in the future. Life can be unpredictable. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the value of car insurance, which is why they don’t see it as a necessity. This is especially true for new drivers and new car owners. Car insurance can protect you and your loved ones if and when accidents happen.    

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What Are the Benefits of Car Insurance?   

What Is Car Insurance For?   

After years of saving, you can finally pay for your dream car. The struggle to get it isn’t easy. Therefore, you can consider your car a valuable asset, much like a house. It’s only practical to take care of your investment, and one way to do that is to invest in a car insurance policy. Two of the most vital benefits of car insurance are financial and liability protection.    

What Is the Importance of Having Car Insurance?   

#1 Law Requires It   

Are you aware driving around Michigan without insurance is considered a misdemeanor and is punishable by up to a year of jail time and a fine of $500? If caught, you can even have your driver’s license suspended for a month and only reclaim it once you show proof of insurance.    

#2 Protection From Theft   

Do you know how many cars are stolen each year? According to Statista, over 268 car theft cases were reported per 100,000 people in 2021. The National Insurance Crime Bureau explains that these numbers equate to around 932,000 thefts.    

What do these numbers have to do with car insurance? The wonderful thing about having auto insurance is that if your prized possession gets stolen from you, your insurance company will cover your loss subject to the terms, conditions, and limits of your actual insurance policy.    

The coverage will depend on your policy, but many companies include repairs of damaged ignition systems and broken windows. 

#3 Save You Money   

It may seem like an upfront expense, but if something bad happens to you while you’re on the road, all the money you shelled out for your auto insurance will pay off the huge expenses, from repairs to medical bills. A small amount can save you a fortune in the long run.    

#4 Protect Others   

Having auto insurance also helps protect other drivers. An example is insurance that includes bodily injury coverage. If the accident results in injuries to your passengers or pedestrians, your policy will potentially pay for all their medical bills. It may also include legal fees and funeral expenses.    

#5 Peace of Mind   

Peace of mind is priceless. You can’t put a price tag on it. One advantage of auto insurance is that it gives you peace of mind that you’re protected, whether it was your fault or another driver’s mistake.    

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Looking for Auto Insurance in Saginaw, Michigan?   

No one wants to be caught in an accident, but since we can’t predict the future, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Auto insurance can protect you and your loved ones from a great deal of expenses. At Encore Insurance, we’ve already shopped for the best auto insurance deals for you. Call our team to get a free quote